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Privacy Policy

Data Controller

Istituto Europeo Di Design, S.L

Tax Code: B-80813959

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  • C/ Flor Alta 8, 28004 Madrid
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Pursuant to Regulation EU 2016/679 and Constitutional Law 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, your privacy and personal information will be protected by providing users with a secure connection so as to prevent alterations and unauthorised access to your personal information.

Type of information that we collect

  • Identifying data
  • Academic and professional data
  • Data on personal circumstances
  • Economic and financial data

This information is necessary in order to achieve the purposes described in the following section, otherwise we will not be able to provide you with information or process your enrolment or academic record.

Purpose and uses

The information collected on the website will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Informing you about available online courses
  • Manage your enrolment
  • Execute the acquired service or formalise the established relationship
  • Make the necessary communications in order to maintain the contractual relationship

How we collect the information

Data Protection Officer

Istituto Europeo di Design has entrusted the maintenance and design of the website to the following entity:

Blogstudio S.L., with registered address in Valencia, at Plaza Valldecabres, 12 - 46930 Quart de Poblet and Tax Code: B83766998

As established in Regulation EU 2016/679, Istituto Europeo Di Design has performed an audit of compliance with said legislation on Blogstudio S.L., which has undertaken to implement technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the personal information to which it has access as a result of providing the website hosting and maintenance service that we have entrusted to it. This commitment has been reflected in a signed agreement, in which, in addition to the above, it has undertaken to delete the personal information in its possession in the event that said contractual relationship is terminated by either of the parties.

Categories of recipients

Data transfers are only made to third parties integrated in the IED group itself. In the event of making them to other third parties, we will request your prior express consent.

International Transfers

Istituto Europeo di Design will not transfer your personal information to third countries without your prior express consent.

Personal information storage period

We hereby inform you that Istituto Europeo will store your personal information for period of 5 years. You may exercise your right to access, rectification, cancellation, limitation and objection to its processing by sending a written request to C/ Flor Alta nº 8, 28004, Madrid or to

Data portability

We hereby inform you that the only cloud computing service that we use is Google Drive, and you may consult its privacy policy at the following link:

Complaint with the supervisory authority

If you consider that your data has been used incorrectly, we hereby inform you that you have the right to lodge a complaint or claim with the Supervisory Authority, which is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, whose address is located at C/ Jorge Juan 6, 28001 Madrid.

Monitoring of behaviour and do-not-track

Istituto Europeo Di Design takes special care to protect the privacy of minors. Our websites are sites for the general public. We do not allow children under 18 to register, nor do we store personal information of users who are under 18 years of age.

Privacidad de los menores

Istituto Europeo Di Design tiene especial cuidado en proteger la privacidad de los menores. Nuestro Sitio Web es un sitio para el público mayor de edad. No permitimos que menores de 18 años se registren, ni almacenamos información personal de aquellos usuarios que sean menores de 18 años.