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IED Forward is the IED’s online training project, providing a response to a world in constant change and to the training needs arising from the new scenarios that have been developing for some time now and that have been confirmed as a real alternative: online training. The IED has gone one step further and developed a particular way of learning online.

The research carried out to transfer design training –which is eminently practical and face-to-face in many areas– to online formats, and the experience acquired by the school in recent years by training multinational companies with virtual tools, has turned into a way of operating that has given rise to remote work processes and tools. The IED has developed specific online training applied to the particularities of design, so that, together with the IED methodology, it has created a new and unique way of teaching design.

The IED is entering a new stage and starting a new project with the Design First courses, introductory programmes to the creative process in design, which are a gateway to the IED world and which will provide knowledge of the methodology, the online training platform and the IED community to anyone who is interested in learning about the creative processes in the different design fields.


The IED, a Superior School of Design, is the largest international campus in Spain focused on design training and research. It is part of the Istituto Europeo di Design network created by Francesco Morelli more than fifty years ago, which has eleven campuses in Italy, Spain and Brazil. The IED Group belongs to the Francesco Morelli Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is educating and promoting design culture.

In 1994, the first branch was opened in Madrid, to which the Barcelona branch was added in 2002, offering the most advanced degrees in all design disciplines and their different areas: fashion, product, interior design, visual communication, transport, strategy and management.

The IED’s educational commitment is focused on offering programmes linked to official institutions and national and international companies, being at the forefront of superior education in design. The IED is committed to educational and practical initiatives related to the business world and, between the two Spanish branches, there are more than 200 collaborative agreements.

The IED in Spain offers both official degrees under the European Higher Education Area (ECTS) and private degrees of recognised prestige in the sector.

It currently has more than 3,300 students enrolled in the 194 courses on offer and over 1,400 design professionals who also teach at both schools. More than 40,000 students of 100 different nationalities have been trained between these two branches.

In Madrid, the group has two sites: the Palacio de Altamira in the city centre and the Carabanchel site, which is home to one of the most important Fab-Labs in Spain; while in Barcelona it has two buildings in the Gracia district.


The IED Group is an international educational network in Design and Management that was born in Italy in 1966 and today has eleven branches around the world, distributed in Italy, Spain and Brazil. The IED is currently one of the leading study centres in the fields of fashion design, audiovisual design, product design and interior design worldwide, and since 2018 it is part of a non-profit foundation, following the wish left in his will by Francesco Morelli, its founder.

IED Madrid began its activity in 1994, and today it has two sites in the city: the Altamira Palace in the city centre and the most modern and cutting-edge site in Carabanchel, which houses one of the most important Fab-Labs in Europe. These 20 years of existence of IED Madrid are translated into a wide range of training courses with an innovative academic model, unique and based on the methodology of the project and capable of adapting to the needs of a society in constant evolution, which has resulted in a large number of students winning prestigious national and international competitions, appearing on the best catwalks, and with real projects carried out in close collaboration with companies in the sector. Since its opening, IED Madrid has trained over 18,000 students and each year adds 1,500 new students.

The IED Madrid offers Official Higher Degrees in Design within the European Higher Education Area, Official Higher Education Training Cycles, IED Diplomas, Foundation Courses, Master’s Degrees, Blended Learning Masters, Design and Innovation Masters, Postgraduate Courses, Summer Courses, and a Junior Academy.

Private Centre for Superior Degree in Design
Order 4391/2011
Centre number 28073045

Professional Education Centre
Order 996/2015
Centre number 28076502

Professional Artistic Education Centre
Order 995/2015
Centre number 28076496


The Istituto Europeo di Design opened its branch in the city of Barcelona in 2002 and is currently one of the leading centres in design training with outstanding recognition both nationally and internationally.

The IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny is the most international and multicultural education centre in Spain. 65% of the students are foreigners and 36% of the courses are taught in English. It offers training for Official Superior Degrees in Design and Bachelors of Arts (Honours) awarded by the University of Westminster (both within the European Higher Education Area), IED Diplomas, Masters, Postgraduate Degrees, Ongoing Training Programs and Summer Courses, in the areas of Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management for Creative Industries.

All courses are taught at two sites in the Gracia district; Point 1: an old factory that was completely refurbished in 2011 and covers more than 5,000 m2. The building integrates the keys to Design For All with the aim of stimulating creative experimentation and dialogue between users and disciplines, the school’s characteristic values. And Point 2: a new site in the same Gracia district to complement the meeting points and training spaces for students.

Its connection with the business world is another aspect that defines the IED Barcelona. The proactive collaboration between the academic world and the working world is a key value in the creation of synergies and opportunities, which is why students make real projects with all kinds of companies and institutions. The school promotes a new methodology applied to design training that is capable of assimilating and interpreting the constant changes, while transforming them into useful training content so that students know how to respond to the needs of today’s labour market.


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